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Sparus Holdings

Business Outsourcing Company

Sparus Holdings, Inc. delivers business outsourcing services to North America’s leaders. Its subsidiaries provide a unique blend of differentiated, yet complementary services to provide a tightly integrated solution set for its customers while expanding its addressable market and future growth prospects.

Sparus’s subsidiaries are widely recognized as leaders within their respective industry segments. They provide a complementary suite of field, professional services, technology, and products supporting the inspection, maintenance, repair, and replacement of critical electric and gas utility infrastructure. Sparus serves the full scope of customers’ outsourced services needs across a variety of end markets and technology-enabled service offerings.

Southern Cross

Southern Cross has been a leader in utility field services since its founding in 1946. Our company aims to partner with natural gas, electric, water, and oil utilities to ensure mutual success with our partnerships.


North American Field Services has been operating since 2012 with a reputation for quality, safety, and efficiency. Their union workforce will complement your projects large and small with all necessary positions. NAFs provide field services from leak survey, locate and mark, pipeline integrity, demand response, stray voltage, and many others.

The Spear Group

Founded in 1981, The Spear Group has serviced hundreds of leading companies in a variety of industries, including gas and electric utilities, architecture & engineering firms, construction, pharmaceuticals, and various other industrial organizations.


OneVision Utility Services has been a top-tier Damage Prevention and Locating service provider for many years.  Our highly skilled workforce is dedicated to providing the best service this industry can offer.  We professionally represent our customers at all times and build good working relationships with all stakeholders. 

Our Vision

We partner with our customers and employees to protect lives, property, and client infrastructure while making projects wildly successful through our delivery of high-quality services. We add value to the process by integrating innovation and technology into everything we do while challenging the status quo.

Our Mission


Commit to the success of our people and customers.


Collaborate to achieve
common goals.


Do the right thing!


Deliver results through
technology-driven solutions.

Delivering Business Outsourcing Services to North America’s Leaders

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