Provider of Outsourced
Field and Professional Services

Sparus Holdings

Outsourced Field and Professional Services

Sparus Holdings is a leading provider of outsourced field and professional services primarily focused on the gas and electric utility markets. Sparus goes to market under seven core brands – Southern Cross, NAFS, The Spear Group, OneVision, TruCheck, ULS, and Allegiant.

Key service offerings include:


  • Metering
  • Locating and Damage Prevention
  • Professional Services
  • Operations & Maintenance


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Sparus is headquartered in Georgia and currently has 2,100+ employees operating across 40+ states.

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Our Services

Sparus' key service offerings include
Sparus - Metering - Hero


The Sparus family is home to several industry leaders in the metering sector.

Locate & Damage Prevention

Locating & Damage Prevention

Sparus prides itself on having over 200+ years of combined locate leadership.

The Spear Group

Professional Services

Sparus is home to our Professional Services team with a focus on project management and more.

Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance

Sparus offers support for outsourced Operations and Maintenance programs.

Welcome to the Sparus family!

Allegiant Utility Services has joined the Sparus Holdings family!

Allegiant provides top-notch metering services and their expertise allows Sparus to maintain their high quality standards for customers.