Provider of Outsourced
Field and Professional Services

Sparus Holdings

Business Outsourcing Company

Sparus Holdings is a leading provider of outsourced field and professional services primarily focused on the gas and electric utility markets. Sparus goes to market under four core brands – Southern Cross, NAFS, The Spear Group, and OneVision.

Key service offerings include:


  • Gas Leak Detection: Gas leak survey, inspection, and remediation services
  • Utility Meter Services: Smart Grid and general operating meter installation and upgrade services
  • Utility Locate: Electric, gas, and water utility locating services and damage prevention services
  • Professional Services: Project Management, Project Controls, Cost Estimating, Service Planning, Validation, Start-up & Licensing, and Field Based Construction


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Sparus is headquartered in Georgia and currently has 1,100+ employees operating across 40+ states.

Sparus Business Map